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My Router to Henseleit "TDR" article - Gordon Hill

Info - Learn to FLy Helis - Barry Marshall

My route to a Henseleit “TDR”.
I first became interested in RC helicopters in the early 1990’s when I bought a second hand Hirobo Shuttle Z from my brother. At the time I was a keen fixed wing flyer and due to the lack of a decent simulator I never got out of the “hover” and eventually sold it back to him.

In 2007 my interest was rekindled when I met Jez Newsome and watched him performing aerobatics with his Align Trex600E. I was so impressed and before long I bought a Trex500. This was a good starter heli for me because the spares were easily obtainable and relatively cheap! I already had the “Reflex” simulator on my PC that I had used for some time in fixed wing mode and found that it was also an excellent RC helicopter simulator. Reflex screenshot:



Well, before long I was hovering my Trex500 and really getting into it, then after a couple of weeks, disaster struck trying to do too much too soon and as I got into trouble turning the tail at low height I went into fixed wing mode and slammed the left hand stick back... which taught me lesson number one the hard way. After replacing the main blades and several other damaged bits I was back in the air again and having learnt lesson 1 ... collective, collective, collective, I never did that again.


With the massive help of the simulator, I soon got out of “the hover” and was then looking for my next model which came in the form a second hand Trex600E. Being a bigger, heavier and more stable heli my flying began to improve loads (with the occasional push from Jez) and I well and truly got the heli bug.

In the mean time I decided to put a Hughes 500D semi scale fuselage on the Trex500.

This scale body flew well but as the Align 3G 760 “flybarless” systems became available I just wanted to get into this new technology and more aerobatics. So I bought my first flybarless system and upgraded my Trex600E.

I was really pleased with flybarless because with no flybar mixer arms and links the rotorhead is much simpler and requires less power from the motor system resulting in slightly longer flight times. This Trex600E uses a 6S (25 volt dc) 5000mA liPo and after a 7 minute fling at approx. 1850 rpm head speed is has used in the region of 3200mA which should keep the packs in good condition for a while.

Same model, new “Canomod” airbrushed canopy!

Next came the flybarless upgrade to my Trex500 complete with Fusuno airbrushed canopy.

With all the advantages gained from flying this system on my Trex600 it gave me a lot more confidence with this smaller 500 class heli to the extent that when the digital tail servo failed on its first flight after the upgrade it was really a none event landing it without any damage. I now consider this heli to be my “flight development” model being the step up from the simulator helping me tackle some of the more interesting aerobatic helicopter manoeuvres like sustained inverted flight??

Late last year, one of the three other regular heli flyers at Warton told me about the Henseleit “Three Dee Rigid” or TDR has it has become affectionately known, designed specifically as a “flybarless” 90 size high performance electric model helicopter. So when I got home that day I looked it up on the internet and watched some youtube footage – wow, was I impressed! The only downside being the 6 month+ waiting list!

So with voluntary redundancy and retirement looming I ordered one .....

Made by Henseleit Helicopters in Germany, this is engineering at its best. The model is in my opinion the ”mother” of all electric helicopters. Jan Henseleit is effectively a one man band. All the parts are handmade and the kits are made to order with a waiting list of at least 6 months. Highly sort after it is an electric “Flybarless” heli powered by a Kontronik power system - Pyro 700-52 motor controlled by a Jive 80A HV ESC on 12S 3600 or 4000mA packs and a Mikado mini Vbar 3 axis gyro flybarless rotorhead.

Two months later I received an email one morning from Matt Olver (one of the Warton heli guys) telling me there was a second hand TDR advertised on the BMFA Classified Ads. Not wasting any time I was straight on the phone and two days later it arrived. A basic airframe with the motor included I procured the ESC, Mini Vbar, Futaba digital servos, Emcotec safety power switch, oh, and a new airbrushed canopy from Fusuno. Turning 710mm SAB “Red Devil” carbon blades the head speed is varied between 1450 and 1850 rpm on the Stunt 1 and 2 switches on my JR DSX9 transmitter depending on how you want to fly it. At 1850 rpm it puts a grin on Jez’s face from one ear to the other and I just know that he loves to fly it. Quote from Jez, “it’s the slipperiest thing I’ve ever flown; it just climbs forever into a stall turn”.

Without any doubt this is an extremely smooth and powerful rotary winged flying machine. I am totally made up with it and long for nothing else..... at the moment!

The line up of my “electric” helicopters...




Gordon Hill


LEARN to FLY Helicopters

Barry Marshall has sent me the following links that helped him fly Helis; Lots of useful information.





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