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Archived Club News


Issue 1, Oct 11

(pdf 2.3Mb)

Issue 1 Oct 2011

All New Newsletter

This booklet is formatted for printing. If viewed on screen, you will see that pages are not consecutive. (i.e., the first and last pages are together) This is because it is designed to be printed double sided so that the printed version will form a booklet.


If on screen viewing is required, it is suggested that you go to the online version of the club news.

See notes below



Notes: View

To view any of the above documents in separate window just click on the appropriate link.


To save the file straight to your hard drive point at the appropriate download button and with the right hand button select "Save Target As"


Printing The New Newsletter (Oct 11) in Booklet Format:

Once you have downloaded the Newsletter - "pdf" file,  you will see that it is already to print in booklet format, this also makes it slightly disjointed to read on screen. (for example the cover page and last page are displayed together.)

However, to print the booklet go into the print setup from the file menu, select odd pages then print. 

Once they have been printed, put the pages back into the printer in the correct orientation so that when you select and print even pages, they print on the reverse side to that already printed on. (Once you've had a practice for the first time - its easy thereafter! Trust me.)

For those with a posh printer that will automatically print double sided documents in one pass (without having to manually turn the paper round) then select printer properties from the print dialogue box, select "finish", "booklet format", and the printer will do the rest for you.



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