Achievement Schemes

Achievement Schemes

Club Achievement Scheme:

The Model club also advocates an achievement scheme in the promotion of Safe flying. Indeed, unless you have gained the level 1 achievement in the club scheme or equivalent scheme, then you are not allowed to fly unsupervised. Level 2 is an advance recognition of flying skills and all related to operating and flying safely resulting in a more enjoyable activity for all. The scheme is broadly similar in requirements to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) Achievement Scheme, which is promoted to serve two main principles.

1. to promote safe flying and an accreditation of a standard that is universally recognised.

2. to provide a target for personal improvement and to provide a challenge for those that want to improve and progress in their skills of flying model aircraft.


BMFA Achievement Scheme:

The BMFA Achievement scheme is designed to promote safer flying. Its encourages modellers to achieve a recognised standard of model flying and safety by giving a competency based set of goals to demonstrate their ability.

There are three main standards;

“A” certificate is a basic qualification to demonstrate a consistent ability to fly safely – a ‘Safe Solo’ standard of flying and the

“B” Certificate designed to recognise a more advanced pilot’s increased ability and knowledge and a demonstrated high level of safety. The “B” certificate is required standard to take part in flying displays.

“C” Certificate (Aerobatics) has been designed to give a pilot who has already attained a “B” Certificate an opportunity to take a further test to show more advanced skills.

Other Achievement Scheme positions are:

Examiner: Nominated by a club through and appointed by the BMFA.

(Requires a Single examiner for “A” certificate, and Two examiners are required for a “B” and “C” certificates.)

BAES MAC Examiners:
  There are currently no BMFA examiners within BAESMAC, but Hale Hall club has offered to support us with any examinations necessary.

Area Chief Examiner: Appointed by the BMFA to manage and reports on the Achievement Scheme activities for a particular BMFA area.

A Certificate

B Certificate


More details on the Achievement scheme can be found at the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) web site


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