Bad weather doesn’t mean we can’t go flying!  Indoor flying takes place at the Warton Sports Hall, over the winter months.

On alternate Monday evenings, 19:00 – 21:00, come and join in the fun in the Lightning Club Sports Hall.

Dates for 2018 Indoor Flying:

  • 22nd October
  • 5th & 19th November
  • 3rd & 17th December
  • New Year dates TBA

When necessary, given a mix of small single cell models and larger models being flown, the events will be run with 20 minute slots alternating between single cell powered models and multi cell (2 cell) powered models. This is primarily to separate the larger shocky models from the smaller aircraft, thereby increasing enjoyment whilst reducing the inevitable damage when these models come together.

Slot 1.      Single cell models

Slot 2.      Two cell (multi cell) models

Click on the following you tube link and see what takes place on our Monday evening flying sessions:

Some indoor model designs, including some designed by our club members, can be found here.