Useful links to other websites:

The BMFA is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of model flying in Great Britain.

The Large Model Association (LMA) is based in the UK. Its members are interested in the designing, building and flying of large model aircraft.

The UK association for radio control model and drone flying.

Drone Safe:
Your official source of drone safety information in the UK, managed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and NATS, the UK’s main Air Traffic Control provider.

No Fly Drones:
Flight Restriction Zones have strict restrictions on drones. Further information can be found in CAP1763. Permission for a flight, or a part of a flight, by a small unmanned aircraft in the flight restriction zone of a protected aerodrome is required.

Information about all aspects of unmanned aviation, airspace restrictions, permissions and exemptions.